Cubasis midi import from Cubase 10.0.15?

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Cubasis midi import from Cubase 10.0.15?

Post by AlexanderMason »

After exporting Midifiles from a project in Cubase 10 and then opening the exported file with the import function in Cubasis some tracks get mixed together in 2 of the tracks in Cubasis. In the Cubase project i have 7 midi tracks that when opened in cubasis are 5 tracks. 2 track have been mixed in 2 of the 5 tracks.

It's probably me doing something wrong. I have tried different export options in Cubase in the Export Option dialog but it doesn't make any difference.

Could need some help here...

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Re: Cubasis midi import from Cubase 10.0.15?

Post by LSlowak »

Hi AlexanderMason,

Please make sure to export individual MIDI files.

Normally, this should be the case, when "Export as Type 0" is unmarked in Cubase/Nuendo: ... ing_r.html

Hope that helps.

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