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Cubasis vs Cubase feature comparison

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:29 pm
by RL-music
Hey guys, so I've been searching all the web for a feature comparison between these two and I can't find any results. I'm starting school (Music) next month and I want to buy a laptop/iPad Pro 2018. I'm leaning towards the iPad, but I just want to know if all the features from the full set Cubase on the Mac will be available in Cubasis on the iPad. And if not, what features do I lose?

Re: Cubasis vs Cubase feature comparison

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:52 am
by LSlowak
Hi RL-music,

Cubasis is developed independently, and has a very different scope and feature set compared to Cubase.
In addition, some of the Cubasis features are not available in Cubase.

While both applications are not comparable directly, please find feature comparison lists right here:

Cubasis Feature Comparison Chart
Cubase Comparison List

It might be helpful to have a look at our available Cubasis tutorials to find out yourself, if the scope of the app matches to your plans. You will find lots of additional tutorials in the web from other users.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,