CMC controller

This section is about Steinberg's CMC controllers
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CMC controller

Post by novice123 »

Hi. I'm planning to buy cubase 7, and the shop is offering a free CMC controller. I have no previous experience with DAW (just a novice starting out...). Which controller is best suited for me? I can choose from

CMC-CH Channel Strip
CMC-FD Faders
CMC-PD Drum Pads
CMC-TP Transport Control

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Re: CMC controller

Post by JMCecil »

PD or CH if you ask me. TP would be 3rd. Too bad they aren't offering the QC. That's probably #1.
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Re: CMC controller

Post by papi61 »

IMHO PD's pads are a bit too tiny for my tastes (and fat fingers...) Get an Akai MPD-18. Very cheap (as low as $70 on EBay), MPC-style finger-drumming.

FD's are great, but you'd need at least 2 (better if 4), because IMHO continuously shifting tracks is too much of a hassle. That leaves CH and TP. If you have to choose, I'd say CH because it offers you 8 programmable buttons as opposed to TP's 4.
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Re: CMC controller

Post by raino »

Think about what tasks you do the most that you'd also like to have a dedicated controler for. For example if most of the time that you'd use the transport is when you are sitting at your computer, the TP is probably not a good choice since the keyboard commands are easy enough to use. But if you plan on recording vocals from five feet away then having a transport control next to your mic might be just what you want. If you think you'll be tapping in lots of drum patterns, go for the pads - if not don't.

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Re: CMC controller

Post by resomedia »

CH. You get a fader, rotary knob and can open just about anything on the channel. It's the one I use most often.
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Re: CMC controller

Post by Lundin »

I find the AI, TP and QC the one's i'm using all the time.. The AI was last on the list but it became indispensable after a while.. really glad i got it..
Loading projects at startup, selecting presets in loaded effects and Instruments and from 7.5 it just got even more indispensable for the way it's now possible to load Trackpresets of saved multi out VST instruments.
Jogging in project, setting monitorlevel e.t.c.. shortcuts of the most used functions.. well.. it's maybe not easy to choose if you haven't got a workflow already which you need to enhance, but i found it very hard to choose only one.. the "fun" part is i purchased all 8 units slightly after release and payed a whooping $1800 for the bunch ( in Sweden ...with some slight discount)

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Re: CMC controller

Post by Strophoid »

CH and/or TP would be my first picks.
A fader unit on its own isn't that valuable I think, the CH would offer almost the same functionality plus a lot more.
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Re: CMC controller

Post by BriHar »

Go through the CMC catalog and decide which suits you best. On a practical side, if you think you might get further units, remember, the FD is more expensive than the others, so could save a bit if you get one of those free.
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