Can I change the colors of CMC-PD via MIDI?

This section is about Steinberg's CMC controllers
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Can I change the colors of CMC-PD via MIDI?

Post by richardm »

I'm thinking about buying a CMC-PD to use to control hot cues in my DJ software (VirtualDJ).

Can the LEDs for the pads be turned on/off with MIDI notes while it's in "normal" mode? If so, can the colors also be controlled?



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Re: Can I change the colors of CMC-PD via MIDI?

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Just ordered a PD 5 mins ago so I can't verify but I will say this.

I use Traktor and controllers and do a ton of Midi Mapping and any time you want to execute and LED function it is usually based on the software side but you have to know what CC/#Note and the software has to be able to output that signal to the unit.
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