R/W controls inconsistent in Q mode.

This section is about Steinberg's CMC controllers
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R/W controls inconsistent in Q mode.

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Both CMC-CH and CMC-QC have Read and Write buttons. When either button on the CH or QC is pressed, it toggles the state of the read or write as expected, and in EQ or MIDI mode the R or W button on the QC faithfully shows the state as on the CH. In Q mode however, when the R on the CH is pressed on, it lights up and the Read is toggled in the software, but the R button on the QC remains dark.

To summarize, Only in Q mode, toggling the R or W on the CH will not cause the states of the same controls to toggle on the QC.

P.S. both controllers and tools are the latest versions, and Cubase 7.02
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