CMC-TP not recognized, only sends midi note info

This section is about Steinberg's CMC controllers
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Re: CMC-TP not recognized, only sends midi note info

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for me it was just a matter of eliminating other USB drivers and devices. Started with the minimum (say, one fader pack) and ensure that you can get C7, your audio device and one fader pack working. Obviously ensuring you have the latest drivers for everything. Add in device by device (after reboot would be wise) until you find the offending HW and driver.
I had to replace some suspect belkin USB repeaters and finally found that my problems occurred after removing (powering off) a certain piece of hardware (My Fractal AxeFX II). Interestingly, my Yamaha MoX8 keyboard can be switched on and off with no impact on the CMC stability.
I've just learned to live with keeping my AxeFX disconnected unless I need to do editing or firmware upgrades.
Once you know the source of your problem, you should be able to find a work around.
Good Luck.
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Re: CMC-TP not recognized, only sends midi note info

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Thanks for your reaction!
One would almost suspect something like memory-addresses being double used or something (conflict/overlap).
I have not yet found a solution. It remains strange that the controllers do work on standalone versions of some of the Steinberg software but not when used in Cubase 6 nor 7.
Another reaction, in which it was mentioned that working in Administratormode does enable the CMC's, should enable Steinberg to find the rights-matters that make the CMC's act as midi-keyboard in stead of midi controllers.
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