Replacing a part in the Pool - how?

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Replacing a part in the Pool - how?

Post by neilwilkes »

Quick question....

Is it possible to replace an asset from the pool?
I have the original multitracks from the live show, and a separate set of 5 tuned vocal tracks.
If at all possible, I would prefer to have the option to right-click in the pool, and exchange the files.
I cannot see a way to do it short of adding the tracks as normal, close the project then deleting them from the folder and replacing them manually when reloading the project - this is a tad long winded though.

Are there any better ways to do this?
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Re: Replacing a part in the Pool - how?

Post by Hugh »

Hello Neil,

That's the way I do it. It's pretty quick but I agree a "file swap" function would be nice because you wouldn't have to match the file names. It would need to be a multi-file selection process so you could do a bunch at one time.


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Re: Replacing a part in the Pool - how?

Post by Chewy Papadopoulos »

Hugh wrote:Hello Neil,

That's the way I do it.
Me, three. And I'm with both of you guys in missing a nice, robust replace function.

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Re: Replacing a part in the Pool - how?

Post by OnBeat »

If the files are the same length, and in the arrangement, hold shift while dragging the new file from explorer over the one you want to replace. It will replace all instances even if they are edited and cut up through your arrangement. Never tried it in the pool, may or may not work.
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Re: Replacing a part in the Pool - how?

Post by michael »


this feature would make some workflows easier indeed.

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