Mac Aggregate Sound Cards

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John Avery
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Mac Aggregate Sound Cards

Post by John Avery »

Can you use 2 different sound cards with Nuendo 5.5.5 on a Mac using the Mac Aggreagte Audio Devices setup?

I'd like to but don't seem to be able to get to work so far.

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Re: Mac Aggregate Sound Cards

Post by Hugh »

Yes, works great. What problems are you having?

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Mark Williams
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Re: Mac Aggregate Sound Cards

Post by Mark Williams »

I use a 2408 mkIII Motu and also have an MR816x.

When overdubbing, I switch to the MR816x to have no latency monitoring. Otherwise, I need the I/O available on the MOTU piece.

I can make the two interfaces work at the same time as an amalgamation, but then the MR816x can not be switched to direct monitoring. Any ideas about how to get direct monitoring with the combined interfaces?

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