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Re: solid state hard drives

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I cloned my W7-64 Boot HD to SSD and its been running for over a year without issues. I also cloned a larger drive to a smaller SSD (larger in capacity but the data fit on the smaller drive); the only free software that allowed you to do that at the time was a free cloning utility from EASEUS. Does the Windows 7 disk utility allow you to do that?

BTW, I was thinking lately that at the price SSD costs new, you could start using an SSD per project. Compared to how much 2" 24-track tape used to cost, it's comparable. The question is how well an SSD can retain data over the long term for archive purposes. But it would be a handy way to work and archive.

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Re: solid state hard drives

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Jim Clark wrote:
Bassman wrote:[I'm not a technical specialist in this theme, but I think, I have read somewhere in the Inet, that clone a HDD partition to a SSD drive isn't a good idea, because a SSD has a different data structure compared to HDDs. It's recommended to make a fresh install on a SSD. Therefore I'm still on HDD. Too much work ...
i didn't mind trying to clone my OS drive to SSD, because if it didn't work I would still have my existing drive to use (plus my OTHER cloned backup drive!) Like you, if I had to do a new install, I would not have done it either. It would take too long with all the plugins and authorizations. But it is working great. I think if you try it, you will like it.
IMO, do not touch a running system. Therefore I think, SSD will come in my next DAW. And regarding "slow" speed of HDD, I have learn to live slowly in this hectic world ;o)
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Re: solid state hard drives

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Antonio Escobar wrote: So you're safe cloning a drive to a SSD, you will be moving data for one drive to another. Let the controllers take care of the logic considerations.
I agree. I have cloned many many HDD's to SSD's with no problems. However, if you are running Mac Lion or Mountain Lion, you will also want to clone your "recovery partition" as well. Doing this is easy with "Carbon Copy Cloner" ("Disk Center"). There are other, more complicated ways of doing it, but that is the easiest by far.

Another benefit of cloning is that it actually results in a completely defragmented drive, without having to do a reinstall.

As far as drive brands, there were problems with Intel 320 series: ... lable.html
This has been fixed with firmware updates, but not sure if the firmware updaters run on Mac. This is a common issue - firmware updaters requiring PC's to run.
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