Nuendo 5 crashes on reading content

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Nuendo 5 crashes on reading content

Post by np52pa »


I just buy un update from N4 to N5 and install it on 64 bit
i install the 32 bit N5 and it open with no crashes but the 64 bit stop on content
and win7 stop the program .

Another question is when i install the N 5.5 he ask for activation code does i have to pay
anything else ? does i´m not in the grace period for the N6?
just activated today the Nuendo 5.

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Re: Nuendo 5 crashes on reading content

Post by neilwilkes »

You should have had a piece of paper in the box that gives you the code to acquire the 5.5 upgrade license, which was free of charge so there will be nothing extra to pay.

Crashing on content?
Try this:
Remove all your N4 settings (only temporary) out of their usual place.
Now delete all the Nuendo 5.5 prefs (cannot remember the location of these off top of my head).
Try to restart N5.5 64-bit version again - it should now not try to port across N4 settings, so will build a new set from scratch (this is for the best, really). You'll have to check everything & set it all up yourself.

Make absolutely certain that you are not accessing both 64 and 32-bit versions of the same plugs. This may cause havoc.
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