Freeze Multiple Tracks At Once

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Freeze Multiple Tracks At Once

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I wish there was a way to select the tracks you want to freeze, hit the button once and let the process happen.. It gets really tedious doing them one at a time - a real time waster..

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Mark Williams
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Re: Freeze Multiple Tracks At Once

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yes it does!
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Re: Freeze Multiple Tracks At Once

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Yes please! It should work much like recording: Switch as many tracks as you need to "freeze-ready", press "play", and you're done.

... much like L*gic does it (I hardly dare to write this 8-P ...).

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Big K
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Re: Freeze Multiple Tracks At Once

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Hallo Dietz.. How goes it??
Du traust dich was!!

As to this topic: +1

Cheers, Big K
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