How to use Cubase VST 5 on a computer without printer port

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How to use Cubase VST 5 on a computer without printer port

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You cannot connect the Cubase VST dongle because your new computer does not provide a LPT (Line Printer Terminal) resp. parallel port.

Solution 1:
Give your contemporary computer a contemporary Cubase version that comes with an USB dongle, the so called USB-eLicenser.

Solution 2:
Equip your computer with a LPT port by installing a corresponding PCI card. However, the compatibility of an upgraded LPT port with the Cubase VST dongle cannot be guaranteed. USB-based LPT port emulations are generally unsuitable!

Solution 3:
If you have Cubase VST 5, Cubase VST Score 5 or Cubase VST/32 5 you can transfer the license from the LPT dongle to an USB-eLicenser.

Please note that the transfer will only work with the blue LPT dongle which comes with one of the named Cubase VST 5 versions! Previous Cubase licenses on red LPT dongles cannot be transferred!

More important information can be found in this knowledge base article
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