Cubase LE 8 Pre-loaded Drums/Instruments

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Cubase LE 8 Pre-loaded Drums/Instruments

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I am brand new to Cubase.

Every video or tutorial I see regarding drums usually refers to a 3rd party software that my Cubase LE 8 did NOT come with - such as Grove Agent. However there are preset instruments in my media bay that offer all kinds of sounds including multiple drum sequences that appear to have been pre-loaded. For example, under drums and percussion there are dozens of available drum tracks under different genres - Urban (Hip Hop/R &B), World/Ethnic, Reggae, Pop, Rock, etc. I am able to add these tracks by double clicking them - they appear automatically under my other recorded tracks. However, I have NO idea how to manipulate these tracks. How do you loop, cut change tempo? Can anyone please point me to any tutorial, topic, videos, etc. that will help me? I also have a version of Novation bass station, Free Loopmasters Content and additional but I haven’t found any info on any of these programs and how to load/use them.

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