Halion Symphonic Orchestra on a new Mac?

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Halion Symphonic Orchestra on a new Mac?

Post by johnmarkpainter »

I have the original HSO and have been using it on PC.

I am migrating over to mac now.
The old HSO Mac installers won't run on current macs.
I see that there is a download version of HSO that is different from the DVD installer version and that it works if you have the old license.

Do I need to download the current version and then will I be able to manually add the DVD content?
Just getting my attack plan together...

Haven't had any luck in being able to download the HSO installer but I might have found a solution to that too.

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Re: Halion Symphonic Orchestra on a new Mac?

Post by vic_france »

johnmarkpainter wrote: then will I be able to manually add the DVD content?
Do you mean, just copy the original DVD content over to the Mac?
I am not certain of the answer, but there is something you can try, which will give you a fair indication. (I am presuming you have the HALion Symphonic license on the eLicenser that is plugged in to the Mac?)
The Symphonic content will in fact load into HALion Sonic SE, so, copy the DVD content over to the Mac.
The location of those files is important (and I've just had a look to see where it is installed on my own system.. so try recreating this exact path)..
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/HALion/VST Sound/VST Sound - HSO (place the individual "FCP_SMT_" files into this folder.. if necessary, create any previously non-existing folders manually).
You'll probably then need to go into MediaBay, and rescan "VST Sound".
If all has gone well, you should now see your HALion Symphonic content in HALion Sonic SE, so that should hold true when you eventually install your newly-downloaded installer.
Please note, this is nothing more than an educated guess.. good luck! (and I shall be very interested to know if it worked! ;) )
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