Allen morgen drum signature vol1 - 2 vst3 presets no sound

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Allen morgen drum signature vol1 - 2 vst3 presets no sound

Post by Sammael »

Hi all

I just recently bought 3 plug ins, the 2 allen morgen signature drum plugin volume 1 and 2
and the VST synthesizer plug in. I've both installed and activated these 3 plug ins.

In mediabay i can find drum loops and midi loops from the plugins which i can play and hear.

The problem is the following :

I want to create an instrument track and load a allen morgen drum kit to this instrument track.
If i use my midi synthesizer i see that it records my input ( me hitting on the keys ) but no sound is coming out.

Its the first time i bought a plugin for cubase and i'm a fairly new cubase user.
SOmeone has any idea what i'm doing wrong?

Thank you in advance for everyone who is answering and going to help!

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Re: Allen morgen drum signature vol1 - 2 vst3 presets no sou

Post by gratefulman »

Having the same problem. I can sample individual drum sounds but I can not load a drum set with sounds into Groove agent SE4 with cubase 8 Pro. I did email Steinberg support and was told to download the new cubase 8 update but it did not help. So is appears we are both waiting for more answers.

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