Velocity & HSO?

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Velocity & HSO?

Post by islandmusicpro »

Dear HSO gurus,

I have a question regarding HSO and dynamics:
Since the expression controller (default CC1 - Modulation wheel) apparently (?) controls sample layer blending and volume, what is the function of individual notes' velocity value anymore?
There's something in the manual, but I'd like your input as well, please. I have great success with articulation switching using expression maps and note expression, by the way, and it sounds really nice!

Thanks for illuminating me!

P.S.: HSO could really use it's own sub-forum, btw... :geek:
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Re: Velocity & HSO?

Post by roel »

Several people including me have being posting that one on the forum. I think it is just a conversion fault when they have switched from the full HSO to the vst version, and probably there are no resources available to correct this. Dynamics (amplitude variation, implemented on QC1) is by default set to max so you loose all sample layer blending and volume drops to zero when the modulation wheel is set to 0 or -64, and thus loosing the layer blending. It is a very simple programming error spread out over the entire DB. Solution: Turn down dynamics (QC1) to a reasonable level, and you have the original scheme back working on normal conditions. But it's a sad thing in the DB-layout that probably will be there for the rest of its lifetime.

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