"Absolute" download confusion

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Steve Reaver
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"Absolute" download confusion

Post by Steve Reaver »

I'm a cubase 7 user and I'm looking to buy Absolute VST bundle. It seems that there is a 'special' price for Cubase 7 users since Retrologue is removed from the bundle as it is already included with C7.

My question is, I cannot find a place to get the download version of this bundle. If I look here;
http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/vs ... ecial.html
the only link I find is to Buy Now from a distributor. And if I look in the VST shop here; http://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/vst.html that versions seems to be the full version which includes Retrologue, and I suspect is not the C7 special price.


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Re: "Absolute" download confusion

Post by harcourt »

+1....Yes I'm confused as well.....it's not apparent at all where to purchase/download at the "special" price. Local distributors are only advertising educational discounts, not Cubase 7 owner discounts.
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Re: "Absolute" download confusion

Post by VinnieD »


If you check the steinberg shop, and select the Absolute + collection, there is a special option at check out for Cubase owners that is about 50$ less (for retrologue).

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