Upgrade from Halion Sonic to Absolute VST

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Upgrade from Halion Sonic to Absolute VST

Post by muttleydk »


I got Halion Sonic like 14 days ago, and now i see a product called Absolute VST Instrument Collection that have Halion Sonic + tons of other things..

Its all cool, my problem is that i payed 1855 DKK for Halion Sonic alone, and i think 170 DKK for the USB key..

So like 2000 DKK for only Halion Sonic..

the price for Absolute VST Instrument Collection is 2228 DKK and to be hornest, i feel kind of bad now..

I would really love an option for upgrading my Halion Sonic to this new Absolute VST Instrument Collection..

- Michael (from Denmark)

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Re: Upgrade from Halion Sonic to Absolute VST

Post by JLM »

As i already own Halion4 and Cubase 6.5, i think an bundle of the VST Instrument sets would make sense.

Just Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk und Dark Planet in one bundle.
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