Groove Agent SE4 Automation with Rock Essentials

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Groove Agent SE4 Automation with Rock Essentials

Post by Amenity421 »

Hi there!

I'm hoping for some help here. I just bought Rock Essentials. I have Metal Essentials and this seems to work fine with those patterns.

I watched this video to get a handle on things and followed the instructions while watching the video: ... q&index=30

So, when I set up complexity automation using rock essentials, It doesn't change anything. The default complexity is 7, Even when drawing the automation at max, the beat doesn't change. Am I missing something here? Maybe I'm just being a goober...

Here's a screen shot of Groove Agent Setup:
Groove agent SE4 screen shot
(127.02 KiB) Not downloaded yet
And my Project Window:
Project Window Screen Shot
(179.39 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Thanks in advance!

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Cubase 8.5.20

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