HSO - can't load more than a single instrument

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HSO - can't load more than a single instrument

Post by smartassmusic »

Am I missing something obvious here? I cannot see how to load more than 1 instrument using the VST plugin.

I've been using Steinberg String Edition 2 for many years and the interface allows you to load 16 instruments vis 1 instance of the VST plugin.
I've just updated my system to 64 bit (with Cubase 8.5 Artist) and installed the HSO demo.
When I look up HSO on the web (for example the Sound n Sound review) the interface looks similar to String Edition, with 16 midi channels to load patches and an online PDF manual shows this too. However, my version has a different inface and I can't see how to load more than 1 channel.
Any help please?
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Re: HSO - can't load more than a single instrument

Post by -steve- »

You are using the newer VST instrument version which loads only one instrument per instance.

If you have Cubase, you can use Halion Sonic SE to load it they way you describe. It's spelled out in the "Compatibility" paragraph on the product page... http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/vs ... u_get.html
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