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Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:52 am
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MacPro: 3 GHz 8 Core, 32 GB RAM, SSD: 1 TB, 4 * 3 TB HD Array (Library, WorArea, TM, Archieve)
MacPro: 3 GHz Quad Core, 12 GB RAM, SSD: 512 GB, 1 TB Library, 500 GB Workarea
Audio: Apogee SymphonyAD/DA-16x, 2 Digimax FS (ADAT); MOTU MIDI Express

Software: Logic Studio v9.x, LPX; Cubase Pro v8.x; Halion v3.x; Finale 2012; Groove Agent v3, NI Kore v2 and Komplete Ultimate v10; Omnisphere; Sibelius v7.5; Waves Platinum Bundle; Mixbus v2.5; VSL Special Addition Plus and VE Pro

Hardware: Fantom G8, Yamaha EX-5, Kawai K3, Roland Rhodes MK-80
Mixers: VS-2480, RMX-64, Tascam MM-1, NI Kore Controller
Sound Modules: 03 R/W, Yamaha TG-77 and TX-81z, EPS 16 Plus, Proteus 1 and 2