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What Is a Bondage Whips and Why Are They So Popular?
If you've ever been in a BDSM or even hardcore BDSM setting, you have no doubt heard the term "bondage whip" What is it and why are they so popular?

There are many different types of these items that are available on the market and there are even many different types of people who prefer them. The question here is - what is the purpose of these products?

Are They So Popular?

One of the most popular purposes for these products is as a way to enforce submission and to provide pain. The use of a whip in the BDSM setting often involves tying up and tying down the participant and the whip is used as a way of providing pain. This can be a good way of creating a sensation, but it is also often used to create an edge or as a way of establishing dominance.

Another important aspect of the use of a whip in this setting is that it is used to provide an element of pain.